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Animation & Design



A "the Junker" MELØN

Founder, Executive Director, Lead Designer, Managerial Director, Personality, Storyboard Artist, Spearhead Game Developer, udiovisual EngineerEvent and Promotional Coordinator, and Performance Artist

Well-traveled and having worked in the industry both as a studio artist and independent contractor, Søda Meløn has over 18 years of collected experience and knowledge in traditional and digital art forms spanning visual, auditory, and installation design. His eccentric personality and aesthetic bleeds color and vibrancy, and his projects are some of the most ambitious on JSMDPro's roster.  JSMDPro's unique business format is also a construct of his own design.

Though primarily a tradesman/historian/student of traditional 2D visual and graphic art, he also has a collected 24 years in practice and 12 years professionally working in audio design, mixing, scoring, composing, engineering, and performing music. He is a triple-threat artist of illustrating, animating, and musical prowess ready to share his colors and whimsy with anyone ready for the journey.

DiCE Dai SuGiRu
Music Making Magic
TECH Resonance
HEAVYWEIGHT // sleepl88 Project
River of Life
Project Joylancer
Reach For The Top
Formless Like Water
FizzyGlowGaming / Puzzle Palace


Head Director of Cinematography, Head of Animated Visual FX, Lead Photographer, JSMDPro Personality, Choreographer, Lead Editor (Film), Photography and Live-Action Department COO , RRFN/JSMDFN Co-Coordinator

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With a refined eye for composition and lighting rarely seen since the 80s, TwoStep ushers in a new era of looking "Classic", without seeming dated or antiquated. His energy and background are a

key elements in both his work, and his impeccable work ethic. The baroque style of dramatic lighting and Punch-in-the-Face action that comes across in TwoStep's work comes straight from his personal love of Metal, Action flicks, and Martial Arts. Speaking of, he's also a trained mixed martial artist and an avid parkour tricker!

Crimson Wood
Kinetic Luminosity
Free-Running Fire
Golden Fist Promo
See Through New Eyes

Cheshire Meløn

Taking Commissions!

Illustrator, Psychologist, Philosopher, Host/Personality, Educator and Historian

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Ever the cynic, Cheshire's endless philosophical banter and incendiary knack for making every conversation a history lesson are usually excused due to his knowledge in various fields of human behavior and psychology. Though his focus is discussion and deconstruction of aesthetics and philosophy in art, Cheshire is also an accomplished

illustrator in his own right. Concepts, Promotional artwork, breakdowns, and more singular illustration work are often handed by him within The NSM Initiative. Cheshire is also one of the moderators of JSMDPro's online website and network.


The Key InBetween
Gallery Collections
The JetStream Revue
River of Life


Cartoonist,  Storyboard Artist, 2-D animation,

Animatic Editor, Video Editing, Director

BuhBuhBuh Bishop “Sean Bishop”. Is the creative mind behind a humble little tale known as Freeloader. He lives an breaths threw pictures in a little boxes which tell his extraordinary tales of encouragement and inspiration, I would like you to know.. Every pizza can be a personal pan if you try hard and believe in yourself!

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"Seatbelt" MV

AJ "Wolf" Crawley

Writer, Animator, Illustrator, Actor, 3D Artist, Graphic Designer

Having lived a life of extremes, Wolf traveled across the country submerging himself in whatever culture, lifestyle, or career he finds in order to find a place he belongs. Having self-taught, studied, or participated in multiple disciplines of artistic merit from acting, dance, illustration, 3D animation, painting, wood carving, writing, music, etc; he has taken on many projects ranging from logo design, portrait painting, motion graphics, and animation.


            In the quest to find himself he finds concept development and writing to be his true passion. Creating worlds, characters, and stories from the time he was 9 he never failed to pull in others to the creative process. Now, Wolf writes for BuhBuhBuh Bishops comic freeloader and is a member of his Pseudonymous concept development team. He is writing the story and quest-lines for an upcoming indi-game being developed by a small Pennsylvania based gaming company, drawing issues for a comic book developed by a youtube comedian, acting in various tv shows, Editing videos for a small California based company, writing his own novel and creating his own comic series.


Wolf is currently working on becoming project manager to a few small projects but is always open to tackle new projects and freelance work.

Broken Tower


Taking Commissions!

Traditional Animator, Comic Illustrator, Pixel Artist, Director

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As a highly accomplished illustrator and animator, as well as longstanding associate of Soda Meløn, DreaminErryDay (or simply "Dreamin") has a beautiful style of animating and digital painting that spans over 2 decades. Never one to take himself or his art too seriously, don't let his cuter characters and cartoonish design-works fool you… …he is a well-trained and skilled master of animation and his attention to detail within his draftsmanship makes him one of JSMDPro's strongest traditional artists on the roster. He is also a former pixel artist or renown, so he is in no way stuck to a single medium.


Dreamin is quite the gaming enthusiast, and also takes commission requests through his various social media.

Dream Hop
The Bartender
The Pilot
Brotherly Ever After
Radical Randomness
Sharknado (Openings 4 and 5)
Kirby ReAnimation Collab
Trip Tank


Taking Commissions!

Illustrator, Designer, Animator, Website Manager, Streamer

Chaos Revolution

QTon (or Reshef to some) is a commission illustrator with a deep knowledge and respect for tech. He is the primary overseer of JSMDPro's online needs, and site maintenance and compatibility. Though his strengths are valued in the technological realm, never count him out as a contributor artistically. He is an avid commission artist and animator with several projects and characters he has brought to life.

DiCE Dai SuGiRu
Dr.QTon Gaming


Freelance Illustrator, Character Designer, Comic Artist, Colorist

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An inspiring self-taught artist and colorist, Steve Mack's craft shines in both his creative character designs and color theory, which have both gained him notoriety in the art world at a fairly young age. Though mostly focused on his personal projects and works now, his time with UDON Comics as a promotional artist, illustrator, and colorist has gained him plenty of fame and fans. Kandoken can be found oftenon stream working on his comic series and illustrated commissions, so be sure to visit him and enjoy his work!

Gallery Collections
CAPCOM Promotional
UDON Comics (Various)
Ninja Shinobi
Black x Red
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