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In a land that Dragons once called home, they now only exist in mythos and folksong. It is known that a very small number of "Dragonkin" exist that carry the blood of these godly beasts within them, their identities a well kept secret. With the world now ruled by man, there are few who would dare stand against them knowingly. However, they are barely halfbreeds and capable of falling to the same corruptions as all men, save for one particular individual…

All featured projects, art, social media profiles, emails, streams, music, competitions, and otherwise mentioned are directly owned by the respective director or head of the appropriate department, unless explicitly stated otherwise. JetSetMelonDrop Productions is a Conglomerate entity, hosting several different Production Teams and Artists who have all agreed to work together in an effort to achieve greater goals through support, promotion, and financial backing. We have 6 main offices and 9 additional independent offices, spanning the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Japan.

Montgomeryville, The Greater Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania

Tioga, The Greater Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania

Langhorne, The Greater Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania

Burbank, Los Angeles, California​

San Francisco Bay Area, California

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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