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In ancient days undocumented by history, the nation of Daïve was covered in flowers rich with color and giving off sweet candy scents. The massive fields in which they bloomed were seen as a sign of prosperity and vitality for the nation and it's inhabitants, the Elysians. The ritual which caused these flowers to bloom was passed through generations to the Matron of the Kingdom, the Pousse-Café.

This time however, an evil force is at work , coveting the power of Daïve’s precious flowers for himself and kidnapping the current Pousse-Café, Lady L’Amoure. In retaliation, the elite members of the kingdom’s forces, The Midori Knights, have been sent to retrieve L’Amoure and return the beauty of these precious flowers to all the Elysians of Daïve, and from the mysterious and unknown Arcmaster LemonDrop.

-2-Part Episodic Short Film

-Genre: "Arcane" Fantasy 

-Director: Søda Meløn

-Animation: Søda Meløn

-Featuring 2 Legacy Tracks by Soichi Terada (Far East Recording)

-The NSM Initiative

Part I
Part 2
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