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Head Director of Cinematography, Head of Animated Visual FX, Lead Photographer, JSMDPro Personality, Choreographer, Lead Editor (Film), Photography and Live-Action Department COO

With a refined eye for composition and lighting rarely seen since the 80s, TwoStep ushers in a new era of looking "Classic", without seeming dated or antiquated. His energy and background are a

key elements in both his work, and his impeccable work ethic. The baroque style of dramatic lighting and Punch-in-the-Face action that comes across in TwoStep's work comes straight from his personal love of Metal, Action flicks, and Martial Arts. Speaking of, he's also a trained mixed martial artist and an avid parkour tricker!

Crimson Wood
Kinetic Luminosity
Free-Running Fire
Golden Fist Promo
See Through New Eyes

Acacia Noel

Make-Up Artist, Esthetician, Model,

Actress, Promoter

Acacia grew up in a small town in Alaska, where she always harbored an interest in the arts. In high school, being a member of the theater club was what made her happiest. In addition to providing her services in film, Acacia also owns a beauty and candle business, and is a certified Hula and Lyra Coach.

She has worked on for several JSMDPro and Origami Lightbulb projects, as well as filled the promotional role of the "Lady in Red" for FEVER. Acacia's skillset grows and exceeds  expectations with every new venture.

Various Clientelle
On-Site Promotions

Bridget LaMonica

Film Director, Director of Photography,

Steadicam Operator, Screenwriter, Cinematographer

Operating out of Atlanta Georgia, Bridget got her MFA in Film and Television from Savannah College of Art & Design. After discovering her love for film and DVD SFX behind the camera, she's passionately dived deep into film and worked any many productions both independent and large scale. 

At SCAD she found an affinity for the Steadicam. Her work has been featured in Film Festivals and Screenings throughout the world. A Jetsetter after our own hearts!

Though her primary work involves being behind the camera and directing scenes, she also screenwrites and edits scripts, having won Grand Prize in an LA Screewriting Contest.

Routine Procedures
Dear Hard Work
Goodnight Love
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