Head Director of Cinematography, Head of Animated Visual FX, Lead Photographer, JSMDPro Personality, Choreographer, Lead Editor (Film), Photography and Live-Action Department COO , RRFN/JSMDFN Co-Coordinator

With a refined eye for composition and lighting rarely seen since the 80s, TwoStep ushers in a new era of looking "Classic", without seeming dated or antiquated. His energy and background are a

key elements in both his work, and his impeccable work ethic. The baroque style of dramatic lighting and Punch-in-the-Face action that comes across in TwoStep's work comes straight from his personal love of Metal, Action flicks, and Martial Arts. Speaking of, he's also a trained mixed martial artist and an avid parkour tricker!

Rich Forsyth

Co-Director of Cinema, Director,  Photographer, Director of Fight Choreography (Live Action), Editor, Photography and Live-Action Department Co-COO, Martial Artist, Screenwriter

Rich is a fight choreographer, film maker and photographer. He has over two decades of experience in martial arts and parkour training. He enjoys all forms of movement and physical art, and enjoys capturing these movements in his mediums. Rich draws his biggest inspirations from Jackie Chan and Jim Henson.

Currently, he is funding his film "Kung-Fu Noir" under his troupe Origami Lightbulb.

Acacia Noel

Make-Up Artist, Actress, Hair Stylist, Model, Promoter

Acacia grew up in a small town in Alaska, where she always harbored an interest in the arts. In high school, being a member of the theater club was what made her happiest. She now aspires to become a make up artist for film/theater and is currently attending school in New York to help her fulfill this dream.

She has provided make-up work for several promotions, as well as filled the promotional role of the "Lady in Red" for FEVER. Acacia's skills are becoming more valuable with every venture.

Bridget LaMonica

Film Director, Director of Photography, Grip, Screenwriter, Cinematographer

Bridget LaMonica is a graduate of the MFA Film and Television program at the Savannah College of Art & Design. She has experience performing everything from work as a Grip to Director of Photography.

Bridget seeks to work primarily in the camera department and currently is an owner and operator of a Zephyr Steadicam.

All featured projects, art, social media profiles, emails, streams, music, competitions, and otherwise mentioned are directly owned by the respective director or head of the appropriate department, unless explicitly stated otherwise. JetSetMelonDrop Productions is a Conglomerate entity, hosting several different Production Teams and Artists who have all agreed to work together in an effort to achieve greater goals through support, promotion, and financial backing. We have 6 main offices and 9 additional independent offices, spanning the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Japan.

Montgomeryville, The Greater Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania

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