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One of the more senior members of JSMDPro, Lyssabit (Also know as "Alys") has helped with promotion and event support since the earlier days of JSMD Designs, aiding as a physical counterpart of Søda's assistant "Hønny Dueue", as well as providing the voice for her in most media. She once took the role of historian for JSMDPro's RRFN and Gaming events, providing various archival needs. She is based in the WestCoast branch in Oakland, acting as both a national liaison and point of reference for the team.


As a multi-media talent, she offers a large array of networking services and is a much valued organizational asset to JSMDPro. From event promotion to artist biographical featurettes, she is in deeply embedded into the independent electronic music scene. Lyssabit is also a budding performance artist, specializing in prop-dance and flow-arts.


The Artist known as "Skopos" (or to other's as Jerome Jones) has a pretty notable background in terms of music labels, networking, and generally getting into the public eye. From MWM to Cohesive Collection, he has released a number of albums and art ventures of his own prior to jumping onto the JSMDPro Interstellar Train.

Now, as one of the members of it's founding core team, Skopos helms most of the promotional work on the East Coast, making efforts to keep projects relevant, secure spaces and venues, and most recently being the proprietary creator and curator of JSMDPro's in-house recording and dubbing booth, "The Purple Lab".


Promoting MCs as much as he himself stays on the mic, Iron has a habit of being too good at what he does. From performances to random thoughts, he's been an avid supporter of JSMDPro since the earlier iterations and has helped support the social media base for the last couple years.

You can find Iron dropping bars up and down the East Coast, constantly in communication with everyone and everything related to the music scene.

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