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1999, Tokyo Japan. The world is on the brink of the new year, all the while still adjusting to the rapid influx of technology and the youthful culture supporting it’s artistic applications. Casinos, Arcades, Fashion, and Media Entertainment define the city and it’s infrastructure. As such, the city and all of its major districts can be divided into those who rule from the skyscraping penthouses (the Upper Echelon), those who stand for the free independent movement of art, culture and self-expression, the Tokyo Underground [UG], and the citizens and denizens of the Base level constantly caught in the crossfire.

In an effort to set authority and standards, both major parties have established a faction of delegated individuals. The Kingdom of Edo, who govern from above, and the Octopus Army, who conspire from below. This is the story of their existential conflict, and the catalyst that turned that conflict into war. This is the story of a woman who’s legacy transcends both groups. This is the story of the Gambling Lord of the Cast and the Leader of the Octopus Army.


This is the story of Alexandria Daisuke, known by the masses as "DiCE".

-Director: Søda Meløn

-Screenplay: Søda Meløn and Noémie Masika

-Animation: JetSetMelonDrop Productions

-Genre: Pseudo-Sci-fi Fantasy(16+)

-Duration: 4-Part Original Animation

-Composer: Søda the Junker feat. Various Artists


Tightrope - Søda the Junker
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