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We've had the honor and privilege to work with a number of grand voice talents over the course of various projects, and these individuals have given their skills to help bring our productions to life. We hope to expand this list further and further. 

-Karen Haymen

-Mike Yazujian
-Corey Pace

-Benjamin Pinto

-Kyle Kovatch

-Clover S. Laurel

-Ehaine Johnson

-Jake Bright

-James Uchiha

-Chris Comby
-Chris Webb
-Benjamin Carswell

-Cristina Vee

-Doan Vu

-Sean Chiplock

-Gianni Matragrano


-Becky Kintzel
-Rinachan (Kira Buckland)

-Mariah Ritchie

-Becky K.

-Daishyana R.


-Ritch Mitchell


-Mixie Plum

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