Corey Pace

Writer, Director, Actor, Voice Talent, Musician, Improviser

Possessing a natural talent for acting, writing, and music, Pace has been in cahoots with the art world since his earliest days as an improvisational performer. Born to an artistically inclined family, you can all but guarantee that the time he's not spending rigging up his newest puppet for a performace at Westfall or lending his incredible voice talents to numerous projects, he's behind an instrument of some form creating his signature shoegazer sounds and warming hearts with his welcoming and ambient vibrations.

Pace is one of the 4 key members of The Soft Spots, and also has released a number of solo projects.

YAZ (Chrono Uke)

Performer, Improviser, Writer, Director, Musical Talent, Voice Talent

Michael Yazujian is a man breathing in air of his own era, Yaz is a multi-faceted artist that holds extensive knowledge in production, acting, writing, music, and games (often of the "board" variety). Often heading most of the live-action film projects at Westfall Connection, he's a driving creative force in the majority of their initiatives, and one of the original screenwriters in the crew.

He also has a talent for making puppets, props, sets, and costumes. Truly a quirky individual.

Writer, Editor, Fashionista

Clover S. Laurel

Clover S. Laurel is a dark fiction writer and Japanese fashion enthusiast, currently residing in Delaware. She has previously published two poetry collections, and had her work accepted in Dreamstreets mag and Oddity Prodigy: Scary Stuff (pending publication). She is an enthusiastic member of the Delaware Writers Network, and she attends regular critique groups and open mics.


Musician, Composer, Educater, Actor, Lecturer, Instrument Guru

After graduating from Musicians Institute (M.I.) in Hollywood, CA with Honors in 1992, Ken Steiger gathered wide-ranging film and TV experience before becoming a teacher at MI, where he offers new explorations in Rock/Metal guitar, with intense lessons on techniques in modal shred guitar improvisation. Steiger has also taught at N.G.W. (National Guitar Workshop)/ DayJamz and 
has contributed lessons, and articles to and Guitar Player Magazine.  Steiger has a DVD out with Alfred Publishing, and a new series of Jam-Along Backing Tracks (ShredTRAX). Ken also worked with Mark Wahlberg and Timothy Olyphant on the Warner Bros. movie "Rock Star" credited as “Guitar Coach". At M.I., Ken currently teaches Live Playing Metal Workshop, Metal Guitar, and Private Lessons, specializing in speed picking, arpeggio studies, advanced modal improvisation, and Metal/Rock rhythm guitar.  In addition to writing and recording in his new studio in Hollywood, he is currently endorsed by ESP Guitars. Planet Wave accessories and D'Addario Strings. 

Noémie Christelle Masika

Prime Aesthetician (The NSM Initiative), Daft Poet, Fashion Dictator

Known as "The Daft Ranter" for her biting, highly emotional and risqué poetry, Mimi (also penned under simply "NC") is the driving force in the aesthetic and atmospheric choices behind the projects of the NSM Initiative (DiCE Dai SuGiRu, SCREAM SHOOTER, RAX). Though her fashion stylings often have strong draws from 60s British Mod and 70s Invasion fashion, an air of her dark sadist humor and Hegelian Triad philosophy has her often creating an interplay with the darker sides of gothic-lolita and Regal-Gothic fashion. Mimi also decides the final designs of all fashion choices in the NSM Initiative.

Corey Stafford

Writer, Screenwriter, Dialogue & Scenario Director

An avid writer with experience expanding multiple genres and archtypes, Stafford has his hand in some of in-house creations within JSMDPro. Always a creative force, he handles a lot of the character interaction and dialogue, while also focusing on the more intricate details of story and scenario progression.

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