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Our Family:

-The NSM Initiative


-Origami Lightbulb

-Funny Thoughts

-Westfall Connection

-Inkshade Studios

-Sober Melyon

-The Purple Lab

-FizzyGlow Gaming


-Ethereal Universe

-UDON Comics

-a6 productions



Statement of Intent


JetSetMelonDrop Production [JSMDPro] is an artistic collective of likeminded artists of various disciplines and mediums. Based in Philadelphia, we strive to strengthen the powerful hub of art the city fosters by providing directors, freelancers, and media-artists with the tools and team to create their art. By providing various exposure and promotional outlets for all our affiliates, along with very particular mentorships and teaching experiences.

Our team spans talent over the US (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut New York, and California), and internationally (Canada, Great Britain, Japan, and New Zealand). JSMDPro also provides commercial services for reasonable and negotiable prices. This includes (but is not limited to) advertising, animation, graphic design, filming, photography, and post production.

Our greatest asset is our artists, and as such we have various partners based in our own neighborhood: Asian Arts Initiative, Underground Arts, J1 Studios, R-Theory Productions, R3 Productions, CypherPrime Studios, and growing relationships with the local art universities (University of the Arts, Moore College of Art and Design, Temple-Tyler School of Art). We provide both paid and school-accredited internship opportunities that can help build team skillsets, real-life career experience, and lasting relationships and networking opportunities.

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