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MAKE-A-RUDIE Design Submissions

One of the coolest things about Shibuya and the Greater Tokyo Area is the number of diverse and unique individuals inhabiting the area. From native Japanese that love to wear their professions and interests on their sleeves, to the rogue gaijin sporting fashion that pushes couture to the absurdest, there is always a guarantee that you will never know who you're going to run into next.

That's where YOU come in! Our artists have had plenty of fun designing characters for the mad, mad world of DiCE and have put a lot of great research into the fashion and culture of the denizen of Tokyo, and we're offering you a chance to be a part of it!

We're looking for designs that are unique and exciting to help fill up the world. Not every entry will be accepted, but we would love to include as many as we can in transition shots, background scenes, group/club shots, and more. A majority of these rudie entries will be considered non-initiated UG members, and will have possibly 1 or 2 cameos. However, exceptionally well developed designs may be written as initiated members of UG gangs that fit their aesthetic. We will full adapt these characters, they will have more cameos, and the creators will be given special promotional spotlights for their work!

Though not entirely limited, we're looking for character designs that fall into the following categories:
-Amekaji (highest opportunity for entry)
-Ganguro and Yamanba
-Bancho and Sukeban (limited entries)

-Tracksuit/Jumpsuit Rudie

-Full Moto-cross Attire (limited entries)
-Gothic Lolita (limited entries)
-Visual-kei/Angura-kei (limited entries)

*"limited entries" denotes categories that will only be accepted 2 or 3 times, so as to preserve world lore integrity)

Thank you for your submission! We will be in touch shortly regarding the status of your submission.

The Octavian Military - Søda the Junker
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